Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tutorial to make a tissue paper tassel garland SIMILAR to Confetti Systems. The end result will look like mine which is in the picture below.

Materials: Ribbon, Tape, Tissue Paper, Scissors

Fold the tissue paper in half longways until it looks like this.

Then fold it in half and cut the crease like such.

You should have two pieces of tissue paper now that look like this.

After that step start cutting longways little strips leaving about an inch or two at the top.

 Finish each tissue paper and fold in the corners of the top like this.

Take a piece of tape to keep the folds intact.

After finishing both of the pieces hold them together and tie them with the small ribbon as tightly as you can.

Then place the ribbon or string you will hang the tassel on through the middle of the two tassels.

Lancome Tresor In Love

Tresor In Love notes: Nectarine, bergamot, peach and sour pear, Turkish rose, jasmine, cedar.

In Love has a very feminine and light floral smell, not resembling very much of the older version

I most predominately smell the nectarine and peach and a little bit of rose.It's a very fruity, sweet fragrance bordering modern and sophisticated. I mostly bought this because I loved the color and the bottle. It's just so pretty... And I'm a sucker for cute packaging. The only thing I don't like about this perfume is that it doesn't last very long. It wears off in about an hour.

DIY Tassel Garland

Finding inspiration from Confetti System and all of their creativeness, I have made my own little tissue tassel garland. I was rather enviously browsing through Confetti System's Tumblr, and I decided I must have a garland of my own. However, $130 is quite steep for some tissue paper. I ended up botching my way through making one of my own. It took me about one hour to make four tassels... If you don't have that kind of time then i suggest buying one.
I'll post directions with pictures later.